Extra Large Litter Box

Introducing the Cat Litter Box

Kittens naturally defecate in sand or soil. If you introduce the extra large litter box to your cat, your cat will be happy to poop there instead of on the carpet. If you start introducing your cat right when you bring your cat home for the first time, your cat will get used to using the box in no time. You should find the right box for your kitten and encourage it to use it, but you don’t need to teach a cat to poop in the same way as teaching a dog. You don’t need to teach your cat how to use the litter box because your cat’s instincts will automatically guide your cat. All you need is a good litter box that you can access.

Place the box in a quiet place. Do not put it in areas that are often traversed such as the kitchen or front area of the house. The ideal place to put a litter box is a place that is easily accessible, not too crowded, and free from noise that can suddenly appear and scare your kitten. Although washing rooms are a popular choice for putting litter boxes because they don’t travel too often compared to other areas in most homes, a sound that can suddenly be heard from the washing machine or dryer can startle your kitten and make it less likely to use a litter box.

+ Petphabet Cat Litter Box ideal for Multiple Cat Households Even in A Studio Apartment.
+ Removable & Clear Top Cover. high back and lid reduces spillover.
+ Roomy & Rounded. Dimension when assembled big cat litter box is 24.8"L x 20"W x 16.5"H. Door opening size 8.2 X 7.8 inches
+ Easy to Clean.

+ Large cat-litter box with snap-on hood for added privacy and to help contain litter inside the pan
+ Plastic swinging door provides easy in/out access for your cat.
+ Made of stain- and odor-resistant polypropylene plastic.
+ Replaceable carbon filter traps and reduces litter-box odors.

+ GREAT VALUE: Bustle.com 2018 Top 2 cat litter pans
+ VET RECOMMENDED FEATURES: Open top litter box to promote healthy usage (enclosed spaces might cause behavior issues).
+ SUPERIOR CLEANING & HYGIENE: Non-stick coating reduces sticking up to 70%. Anti-microbial. Less odor.

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  • Perfect size litter box for large or multiple cats
  • Clear top makes cats feel safe and secure
  • High back plus plastic clips prevent leaks or spills
  • Bright variety of colors with clear top
  • Odor resistant and antimicrobial plastic material
  • Simple to remove cover provides ease of cleaning


  • Jumbo size won’t work in small or narrow spaces
  • Entrance height could deter young kittens
  • More cat litter needed for jumbo size box

It’s best if the litter box is in an area where your kitten spends a lot of time. The kitten should be able to see the box at any time so that he can immediately use it whenever needed. Adult kittens and cats like a little privacy. If they don’t have privacy, they might defecate behind the sofa or in another hidden corner.

If you are just starting to train a kitten but have to move the litter box, do it slowly, a few feet each day. Moving the box to a different room the next day can confuse your kitten and guide it to defecate elsewhere. You can put the food bowl in the box where it used to be because most cats object to urinating where they eat.

When you bring your cat home, put your cat in a box so they can get used to the aroma and sensation. Let your cat spend a few minutes there, even though they don’t feel the need for wastewater. Continue to put your cat in the litter box after they eat, wakes up, or at other times when you feel they need to poop. Also, if they squat in a place other than a litter box, move your cat into the litter box immediately. When your kitten is accustomed to using litter boxes, give them a compliment every time they do it by stroking it and making a soothing voice. Don’t punish your cat when they are in the box because they might feel that they are in the box because they are being punished.

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