Extra Large Litter Box

How to Choose a Cat Litter Box

You will need an extra large litter box if you have a cat in your house. Choose a big litter box. There really is a small box for kittens, but kittens will grow so fast that soon after you introduce them to the box, you will have to replace them again. If you replace the litter box, you will have to teach the cat again, so you should start with the box that you will use for a long time. Cats don’t have difficulty getting into a large litter box as long as one side is low enough that they can step inside. If you find a good box but aren’t sure whether the kitten can climb into it or not, use wood or other surface material as a gentle step. Tape it to the side of the litter box with masking tape, and release when your kitten is old enough to enter without the aid of the step.

– Choose a closed litter box. Some litter boxes have lids around them. This type of litter box is suitable for holding sand and cat dung from digging and pushing while preventing odors from coming out if you live in a small place. Some cats also feel protected with a closed box like that. Make sure the covered litter box is large because the cat needs enough room to rotate comfortably inside. Most cats have a habit of sniffing poop before burying it. Therefore, the litter box must be big enough for your cat to be able to do it. Some cats don’t like closed boxes when first introduced to them. You can ease this transition by releasing the door until your cat is accustomed to the box.

– Buy sand for kittens. There are a lot of sand types that are suitable for the cat which is 8 months and above. Choose sand that doesn’t have dust as much as possible because dust can irritate your cat’s lungs. Some of these factors can be taken into consideration when choosing cat sand:

+ This pet toilet has a floor that can be easily cleaned.
+ The smart cat litter box automatically senses your pets in and out.
+ Large space can hold 6L cat litter, and travel on a short trip is more assured.
+ LED display easily grasps the weight of cats and the number of toilets, so as to provide a reference for health.

+ Enclosed Navy Litter Box with Door Flap from So Phresh
+ Ideal for multi-cat homes
+ Charcoal filter helps trap odors
+ Removable hood for easy cleaning

+ 𝐃𝐈𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐒𝐈𝐎𝐍𝐒 : 20.5 x 19.3 x 25.0 inches, MDF, White 27.8 pounds.Assembly Required.

Extra Large Litter Box


  • Best Budget
  • Great Design
  • Provides privacy for cat
  • Easy for cleaning


  • Standart feature

Use non-fragrant sand if possible. It’s possible kittens and cats don’t like scented sand. If the scent is too strong, your cat might defecate somewhere else. In addition, some scents can irritate the cat’s nose and eyes or cause problems for cats that tend to have breathing problems.

Try using sand that can be scooped or scoopable litter. Sand that can be sanded is a popular choice because cat litter is removed easily. There is anxiety that cats may get sick from consuming sand that can be scooped up, but there is little or no evidence to confirm it.

Choose cat sand which is widely available. Some cats get used to certain sand and may not recognize the litter box if it doesn’t contain the same sand.

– Buy tools to scoop as well as cloth. The last thing you need to prepare to train your cat to poop is a scoop tool to get rid of poop from the litter box and cloth placed under the box to prevent cat sand from splattering on the floor of your house.

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